Zurich 2018

28 April 2018 at Liip Arena

UPDATE: New Event Date: April 28, 2018!

The first do_action_zrh Hackathon for Swiss nonprofit organizations will take place in the Liip Arena on Saturday, March 24, 2018 Saturday, April 28, 2018. This will be the first do_action event in Switzerland!

do_action hackathons are community-organized events that are focussed on using WordPress to give deserving charitable organisations their own online presence. Each do_action event includes participants from the local WordPress community coming together to plan and build brand new websites for a number of local nonprofits in one day.

Role Descriptions

Project Manager –  you’re the glue between the team and the nonprofit organization. You’ll contact the non-profit organization before the day in order to get specific requirements from them and do some pre-planning for the event. You’ll also lead the planning with your team prior to the event and will keep everyone on-task during the event. High-level project goals are your priority.

Web Designer – your job is to devise a design direction for the project that fits the needs and goals of your organization. You’ll then fully develop this direction into a website design. The exact tools and procedures you use to this end are up to you and your team to agree upon.

Web Developer – you will be bringing the website to live by coding the design created by your team’s Web Designer. Whether you base your work on a theme or start off from scratch is up to you and your team to decide and agree upon.