Pune 2018

24 February 2018 at REAN Cloud

Welcome to the first ever do_action WordPress Charity Hackathon in India held on 24th February 2018 at the offices of REAN Cloud in the heart of Pune.

What is do_action?

It is a one day hackathon where we aim to build WordPress powered digital presence for at least 5 NGOs/Non-profits.

Who can participate?

Each such website will be built by a team of 7-8 people in the following roles:

  • Project Managers
  • Designers/ Graphic Artists
  • Content Writers
  • Social Media Professionals
  • Developers
  • QA Testers

So, if you’re from in and around Pune with some expertise in WordPress, or even just an interest in WordPress, you are very welcome to come down and participate

What do participants get?

You get to come together and

  • Work in teams, learn from each other, and share knowledge and skills,
  • Help extremely worthy local causes benefit by getting an expertly crafted website,
  • Oh, and we’ll have fun and make new friends while we’re about it!

Your meals and refreshments throughout the day will be taken care of and we’ll get you some awesome swag to take back with you.

For NGOs/ Non-profits

If you’re a charity or non-profit organisation you don’t need to allocate some of your already hard-stretched funds for what would probably be a low-budget website. By participating in this event you have the chance to get a well designed and expertly developed new website, created by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team of volunteers, for absolutely nothing – freeing up your limited funds to be spent on your primary cause – and in a single day, so no long drawn out projects that sap your time and energy and will be finished “sometime soon”!

Get in at the beginning with this new type of WordPress Community event, which complements the more well-known and established community events, namely MeetUp Groups and WordCamps.

To participate just fill in the application form at the end of this page. (Applications are now closed and we’re selecting the charities for the hackathon.)

At least one representative of your non-profit organisation or charity will have to be present during the hackathon and will be a part of the team building the website. Any representatives will also be given free training on using WordPress through sessions and workshops during the day.


We’re also looking for sponsors for making this event successful. We expect a participation of about 75 people depending on the number of websites we build during the day. While our venue and internet is already sponsored by REAN Cloud, we’d still need some funds (not a lot) for meals/refreshments, swag, etc to create a great experience for everyone involved.

We’ve worked out the approximate event cost (on the higher side) to be ₹1,50,000 (approx. $2400). Whatever surplus we end up with will be donated to some of the participating charities. As soon as we reach this amount (through individuals or organisations), we will stop accepting sponsors.

It’ll be super convenient for us if a sponsor can directly pay vendors instead of us having to route the funds through our personal accounts (we have no other choice).

Sponsorship != Participation

Unlike WordCamps and conferences, hackathons don’t have a lot of things to do for an audience and we don’t want to create distractions to the building process. That is why sponsoring is not related to participation and there aren’t any free tickets like there are at WordCamps for sponsors and for the same reasons, there aren’t any booths or stalls.

However, sponsors are more than welcome to sign up for various roles in the teams that build the website, just like everyone else or sign up as a volunteer to help out during the event.

Event Sponsors

₹15,000 ($240) + Taxes


₹5,000 ($80) + Taxes + 3 years pre-paid hosting and domain name (5 Nos)*

In return:

  1. You can display 1 standee at the event venue.
  2. We’ll display your logo & branding on a projected screen throughout the event.
  3. We’ll add your logo to the sponsors list on this page.
  4. We’ll make social media announcements before, during and after the event.
  5. You can distribute your custom branded swag to the participants.

To apply:

Fill up this google form: https://goo.gl/forms/I25kUep1Bg8fIBa82 and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

*A lot of individuals as well as companies have shown interest in sponsoring hosting. We’ve had issues at other initiatives in the past when due to personal reasons or lack of communication, the hosting would lapse and we’d have to make some emergency arrangements.

So, this time, we’re going to create a pool of hosting plans for each team to choose from. All the contributors to this pool will get sponsor benefits whether any team ends up using their hosting or not.


₹1,500 ($24) or more

We wanted to have a way for individuals to be able to contribute to the event cost, not just larger organisations and brands. The minimum amount that makes sense after processing fees, taxes etc is ₹1500 but you can contribute any amount

In return, we’ll add a text link to your website with your name at the bottom of this page, itself. In addition, we’ll thank you in small groups on social media platforms.

We look forward to your participation!

– The Pune WordPress Knowledge Exchange team.