Perth 2020

18 January 2020 at Flux (powered by Spacecubed)

Volunteer applications now open!

If you’d like to be involved as a volunteer just scroll to the bottom of this page, choose your charity and role, and register! If you aren’t sure which role to choose, please contact us at and we can help you work out where your unique skills and experience can best be put to use.

Please note that we also require a Project Manager for each team. To be a Project Manager you should:

  • Be confident using WordPress
  • Be theme/builder flexible (you will need to work within the skill set of your team)
  • Exhibit strong leadership & teamwork skills
  • Have a basic understanding of UX design & SEO
  • Be able to commit to liaising with the NFP point of contact & event coordinators leading up to the event

If you are interested in a Project Manager role please contact us at and advise which team(s) you are interested in.

What is a Do_Action Charity Hackathon?

Over the course of one day, groups of volunteers from the local WordPress community and the participating non-profit organisations will come together to plan, design and build them a brand new, high quality & professional website.

Awesome! How can I be involved?

Holding an event like this relies on the whole community to come together. Here are some ways you can be involved:

Become a Sponsor

This event is free to attend, but we do like to feed our hardworking volunteers. We expect 50-80 attendees on the day.

If you would like to sponsor, you can head to Open Collective and click the ‘Become a Sponsor’ button and choose how much you want to contribute. We don’t have fixed sponsorship amounts, and will accept any donation above $50 AUD.

All sponsors can receive:

  • Company logo on the site
  • Company description on the site
  • Link to company website from the site
  • Logo on a slide projected during the event
  • Tweets and/or posts to Facebook about your company
  • Thanks in pre- and post-event emails
  • Thank you in opening or closing remarks

Find out more general information about do_action hackathons at the page and video here or contact the team on if you have any questions.


It takes lots of hands working together to build a single website in a day, let alone a bunch of them. Each website will be built by a team of 5-6 people filling the following roles:

  • Project managers (one per team)
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Content Creators
  • QA Testers

While we will be aiming to fill these roles for each team, we would love to hear from you if you have other skills you feel would contribute. For example, it would be great to have a photographer or two!

If you’re in Perth and have some experience with, or interest in, WordPress – we want YOU! Apply to join a team below. If you’re not sure where to apply, please contact us at

I’m a Non-Profit! How Can I Apply?

Unfortunately we have already completed the application process for this event. If you would like to go on the shortlist (in case we are able to accept additional NFPs) or mailing list for future do_action events, please contact