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19 October 2019 at Paytm Insider

Non Profits

WordPress Mumbai Community is all set to organise the first ever do_action Charity Hackathon for local registered nonprofit organisations in Mumbai. do_action is an event hosted by local WordPress community that aspires to contribute to the nonprofit organisations by creating their online presence using WordPress. Don’t settle for an average website with your hard-stretched funds that can be invested in greater good. Instead get top notch website built by the passionate and talented volunteers of the WordPress Mumbai Community. All you need to do is fill this application form and send your representative to the event with the necessary content and voilà! We also offer WordPress training to any representatives of yours to take over the charge of the website completely.


If you’re looking to contribute to the endeavour of these nonprofit organisations or networking with proficient professionals of our WordPress community, please participate. Each website will be built by a team of 6 to 7 volunteers in the following roles:


  • Project Manager
The Project Manager oversees the creation of the new website. Assigning tasks to team members, liaising between the organisation and the team, and keeping tabs on the team’s progress are all required tasks of the Project Manager. The Project Manager will also be put in touch with the non-profit organisation before the event in order to make preliminary plans and to get a better idea of the project requirements.


  • Developers
The Developer role is responsible for building the actual website. This includes implementing the chosen theme, finding and setting up required plugins, and possibly writing custom code to meet the requirements of the non-profit organisation.


  • Designer
The Designer is responsible for the overall look and feel of the new website. This involves selecting the theme that will be used, as well writing any custom CSS that may be required. In some cases this will also involve the design of a new logo or other assets.


  • Content Manager
The Content Manager is responsible for writing new content for the new website, as well as integrating existing content into the new design. It may also involve assisting with mailing list setups and advising on content strategy.


  • Front-end Developer
The Front-end Developer is responsible for building the front-end of the website according to the design specifications – this usually involves writing custom CSS, HTML and sometimes Javascript, depending on the needs of the organisation.


  • Social Media Manager
The Social Media Manager is responsible for setting up any required social media accounts and assisting with getting content flowing on them. The role also includes training the non-profit organisation on how to use their social media accounts and how best to integrate them with their new website.






Not a web developer? Still want to contribute to our cause?

There are multiple levels at which you could be involved in this event as sponsors. Our Venue and refreshments are sponsored by Insider taking a big burden off. However, we’re still looking for sponsorship of meals and swags for best participant experience.

Moreover, website creation requires numerous paid services such as themes, plugins, domains, hosting etc which do_action aims at offering for free until the website goes live. Sponsoring for these services will broaden our scope of work and help us create the best for the organisation as per their requirements. Any contribution will be appreciated. Please eMail us at

You can make your monetary contribution here or pay for a specific task from here.

Cost: FREE to attend; Only your time and efforts

Inclusive: Meals, vast networking opportunities & remarkable experience

Date & Time: Sat, 19-Oct-2019 The schedule will be shared, closer to the event.

Venue: Insider’s Office, Todi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
It is thrilling to know that Insider follows a Zero Waste policy and our compliance with their benevolent effort will be encouraging

Stay up to date via our SLACK Team via #do_action channel

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