Cheltenham 2019

4 October 2019 at Jurys Inn

Welcome to Cheltenham’s first do_action event!

Organised by people from the local WordPress community for the local community.

do_action events are community-driven events that bring together technically skilled people from the community that use WordPress to provide local charitable organisations with their own online presence in a one-day hackathon.

Skilled volunteers are put together in small teams and include a Project Manager, Designer, Developers, Content Creator, Social Media Advisor and a Quality Assurance Tester. These highly focused small teams ensure the hackathon delivers a fresh and dynamic online presence for the charitable organisations.

At least one representative of the non-profit is required to attend the event on the day so training can be delivered to manage the website after the event. This will be a structured full-day event starting at 9am until 5pm with food and refreshments provided. 

Who can apply?

If you run a non-profit registered charity in Gloucestershire and your non-profit doesn’t already have an existing website then you can apply using the form at the end of this page.

Who can volunteer?

If you have an interest or any expertise in using WordPress and you have the time to spend the day with like-minded people then you are more than welcome to apply as a volunteer if space is available as teams are kept to a minimum of 5 per team. The volunteers we will be looking for will include Project Managers, Designers, Developers, Content Creators, Social Media Advisors and a Quality Assurance Tester.


We are also looking for sponsors to make this event successful. We are mainly looking for sponsorship to cover things like venue hire and food on the day for all participants. Sponsorships can be made directly online via our Open Collective platform – just click the ‘contribute’ button and choose the amount you would like to sponsor. For further information please email Elliott Richmond to discuss how you can sponsor this event.

All sponsors can receive:

  • Company logo on the site
  • Company description on the site
  • Link to company website from this site
  • Logo on a slide projected during the event
  • Tweets and/or posts to Facebook about your company
  • Thanks in pre- and post-event emails
  • Thank you in opening or closing remarks

Find out more general information about do_action hackathons at the page and video here.