Ijebu 2019

8 September 2019 at Uwani Hub
Group Picture do_action hackathon Ijebu 2019

This event is over! See photos from the day here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/sczFWXwHRwUKAsjj7

Do_action WordPress Ijebu Charity Hackathon

The Ijebu WordPress Community in partnership with the WordPress Global Foundation, NoworryHost, Uwani Hub, Geobajas Hotel, How Do You Tech and TunsPress organised its first 1-day hackathon (on September 8, 2019) aimed at building useful websites for 5 deserving non-profit organizations in the region that are impacting and inspiring lives in Ijebu, Nigeria.

Would you like to sponsor this event same time next year?

We are accepting sponsors to make this event possible and successful in 2020. We anticipate a participation of 40 – 60 people next year, and we will be building 5 or more websites. Sponsors for venue, meals, themes, plugins, refreshments, swags, and any other expenses are always welcomed. Send us a mail at wpijebu@gmail.com, thank you.

In return:

  • You can have representation at the event, (as participants, not spectators, tasks will be assigned).
  • We will add your logo to the sponsors list on this page.
  • We will make social media announcements before, during and after the event.
  • You can distribute your custom branded swag to the participants.

Would you like to volunteer for this event next year?

Join the Ijebu WordPress community here and stay tuned for updates, be sure to attend and share at meetups when you can. Everyone is welcomed to participate actively in the WordPress community.

Fancy working on projects that serves a greater (social) good? Well, this time next year we will be accepting volunteers once again. Watch this space and subscribe to updates, or click here to join us on Slack for support and breaking news.

Non-Profit Organisations

Application is now closed. Want your non-profit to participate? We look forward to opening this up to you again next year. Want to know when this event is happening in your city? Watch this space.

P.S: we only accepted non-profit organisations operating in or around Ijebu, Nigeria.

Who Participated?

Each website was built by a team of 3 – 5 people in the following roles; Project Manager, Designer, Developers, Content Manager and Social Media Manager. All roles were filled for the d-day.

Please Note: All teams members worked together before, during and after the event for the common good of the hackathon and the non-profits.

Websites that were built on that day:

  1. https://thirdhandinitiative.com.ng
  2. https://ngonetwork.com.ng
  3. https://willyhutsfoundation.org.ng
  4. https://legalopdf.org/
  5. https://hubs.howdoyou.tech