Caceres 2019

25 May 2019 at Building Garaje 2.0

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The do_action is an event where our local WordPress community gathers to give back to non-profit organizations through the creation of websites. All sites are created for free. We also offer WordPress training to all non-profit organizations that are selected on the day of the event.

Who can participate?

Each of these websites will be built by a team of 6-8 people in the following roles:

  • Project managers
  • UX UI Designers
  • Content Creators
  • Social Network / Community Managers
  • Developers (2 or 3) per team.
  • QA / quality assurance

So, if you belong to the Caceres WordPress community or you have some experience in the most popular CMS on the market, or simply have an interest in WordPress, you can participate.

What do the participants get?

You have the opportunity to work as a team, learn from each other, share knowledge and skills.
Help local organizations obtain a website designed by experts.
We will have fun and make new friends while we do it!
(Your lunch and snacks throughout the day will be covered and we’ll get you an incredible swag for you.)

 Where will the event be?

The event will be in the building “garage 2.0” on May 25 and we have 5 rooms with capacity for 100 people in the largest. The number of people will depends on the number of non-profit organizations that sign up.

If you have any previous question you can contact with the community in this email


We are also looking for sponsors to make this event successful. We expect a participation of around 50 to 100 people depending on the number of websites we can build during the day.
In return you will have access to:

  • You can display a roller up banner at the place of the event.
  • You can have representation in the event.
  • Your representative will be recognized.
  • We will add your logo to the list of sponsors on this page.
  • We will make announcements on social networks before, during and after the event.
  • We will public thank you; during the event
  • You can distribute your coupons, personalized swags or share ideas with the participants.
  • You will have a few minutes to talk about what your organization does.

NGOs / Non-profit organizations.

Whether it’s a charitable or non-profit organization, you do not need to allocate some of your already-depleted funds to what is likely to be a low-budget website. By participating in this event, you have the opportunity to obtain a new website well designed and developed by experts, freeing up your limited funds to be spent on your main cause, and all in a single day.
To participate simply complete the application form at the end of this page.
At least one or two representatives of your non-profit organization must be present during the event. Your representatives and your organization will also receive free training on the use of WordPress through sessions and workshops during the day.

Request that your organization be part of this event

We are currently in the planning phase for our first do_action in Cáceres (Spain). We are currently looking for local non-profit organizations to be part of the 2019 event. If you would like your organization to be part of this event, complete the application form below.

Complete the following form so that your non-profit organization is part of this event and, potentially, is one of the organizations that receives a new WordPress website.