Rural Hackers Do_Action 2023 in Anceu Spain

12 March 2023 at Anceu coliving

Are you a passionate and curious tech enthusiast who wants to make a difference in rural communities? If yes, then you are invited to join us for the Rural Hackers Do_action hackathon, a WordPress Foundation initiative that aims to empower local non-profits of Rural Galicia with websites that can help them achieve their goals. You will have the chance to work with experts in development, design, content creation, and more, using WordPress as a tool for social innovation.

The place

Anceu Coliving is a rural coliving space in Galicia, Spain, for people working remotely who want to live in nature and contribute to the revitalization of Anceu village in Pontecaldelas Galicia. It offers high-speed internet, outdoor areas, a swimming pool, co-working, and chill-out areas, as well as local impact projects and creative exchange programs. Anceu Coliving aims to create a positive impact in the local community, foster sustainability, promote the exchange of knowledge and improve people’s lives

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About the Do_Action organisers.

Rural Hackers is a movement that was born in the outstanding rural areas of Galicia, this movement envisioned technology as a plot twister for fighting the depopulation of rural areas of Galicia (Spain). The depopulation of rural areas of Galicia is a serious problem that affects the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of the region, but more than that, this problem jeopardises a way of living, endangers a whole tradition, and disconnects us from our roots.

We are Hackers, Hackers are here for solving problems in a disruptive way, for this same reason we offer a platform where social innovators, techie people, artists and curious profiles meet with locals to provide wonderful solutions to real life problems that challenge rural development. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to use your curiosity and creativity for a good cause! Join the forest revolution!

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Participants Profile.

This DO_ACTION will take place within Curiositech, an international Erasmus+ Youth Exchange  based on technology as a bet for the future. Curiositech is formed as an alliance of agents who believe in the power of technology to create networks with impact in Rural Areas, networks where young people can actively participate to transform the reality.  The project will include 32 participants from 5 countries (Spain, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Malta) aged between 18-30, the participant profile will include people with advanced technological skills, artists and individuals considered by the European Commission as fewer opportunities, creating in this way an open learning atmosphere for everyone.

The program philosophy  is based on 3 pillars.

  Technology thinker

Encourage in the participants the curiosity towards the digital sector by providing basic tools specially focused on WordPress technology.

  Engaged thinker

Learn skills to help the participants to develop their entrepreneurial spirit working aspects like life-long learning, self direction, personal management, collaboration, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving and innovation.

  Ethical thinker

Work on self awareness related to social responsibility, sustainability, active citizenship, rural depopulation and cultural protection through arts, creativity and technology.

At this moment the 32 participants have already been chosen but we are still looking for passionate individuals with high knowledge in social innovation, arts or technology for leading different workshops.

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Here you can find the different web pages that we are going to develop during the hackathon.

A website will be developed for a Casa do Pobo from Anceu village. Anceu is a village of 500 inhabitants in the region of Galicia in northern Spain. Today it is facing a clear problem of population loss and exodus to the cities. That is why it is really important to create and build spaces of connection and revitalization to face this demographic challenge. 

Since 2023, a Casa do Pobo is a public space open for everybody to use and to organise activities to revitalise the area. 

The idea is that the web will gather the different entities and associations that help in the management of this communal space of public use where people meet, know each other and help each other in the village. 

In addition, the bulletin board will be included on this website with events and open, public and participatory meetings so that we can improve the communication channel of the villagers.

Cubelos Aldea is a non-profit cultural ecological association based in Galicia, in the North of Spain.

Their main purpose is to preserve and recover the environmental and ethnographic values of the rural environment. Specifically they work on the area of Cubelos, the Pozo Negro river, the Porta Fraga stream and the Casqueiros levada.

The project is focused on creating a space of autochthonous goats and to eradicate the eucalyptus, acacias and other invasive species. For it they develop different actions of cleaning and helping in their precious goats.

In addition, they also develop cultural activities and social awareness on the importance of eradicating invasive species. 

On the web we want to explain what this project is about, make known the activities and events and encourage the increase of members thanks to improving the channels of communication about the project.

  Tia Ni

Tia Ni is a project of cultural revitalisation of the village of Gaxate in northern Spain. It is a space where cultural events are held around literature, heritage recovery and up-cycling. 

Since 2013, they have also had a mobile van where they work on aspects related to literature and creativity. 

On the web we would like to share what the project is about to improve its visibility, focusing especially on the fact that they have been promoting the transfer of culture and knowledge in rural areas for more than 10 years. In particular we would like to share the story of its founder Nieves.

Ponte Caldelas village, in Northern Galicia in Spain, is one of the most representative municipalities of the region in what is called Indian architecture.

The objective of the website  is to launch a project to create a route that serves to discover this historical heritage so that it can turn its Indian houses into a new tourist attraction. Indian houses were built after the Galician migration to America during the post-civil war scenario. The heritage of these houses are colossal as they suppose a unique mix between South American architect culture and Galician.

The project wants to make known the importance of the architectural heritage that Ponte Caldelas has, where the Indian houses are a symbol in both urban and rural areas.


We are always open for new sponsors that can contribute to maximise the impact of this event. We already have confirmed a minimum participation of 32 people from five European countries and we know that more individuals will join during the days of the event. 

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