Nigeria 2021

29 November 2021 at Online
do_action Nigeria 2021

What is a do_action Charity Hackathon?

Over the course of selected duration, groups of volunteers from a local WordPress community and the participating non-profit organisations will come together to plan, design and build the NGOs a brand new, high quality & useful professional website.

About the Nigerian Community

The WordPress Nigerian community is a network of developers, designers, content creators, digital marketers, polyglots and WordPress users who believe that WordPress is a tool for personal and professional empowerment. For the last three years, our communities has hosted the do_action WordPress Charity Hackathon in some of our cities physically where we have spent a full day building brand new websites for a selection of local charities and NGOs.

This year, for the 2nd annual regional do_action Nigeria event, we are going to be repeating this for a handful number of charitable organisations!

Who can participate?

In order to bring these websites to life, we are looking for applications from registered NGOs who do not have a website and volunteers from all over the country to be Project Managers, Developers, Designers, Social Media Managers, Content Managers, and Quality Assurance Testers to work with each non-profit organisation. As soon as the NGOs are selected, volunteers can begin to sign up for different roles.

I’m a NGO! How can I apply?

You can submit an application below, please. Application closes on the 10th of October 2021.

Sponsor our event!

If you would like to sponsor, you can head to Open Collective and click the ‘Become a Sponsor’ button and choose how much you want to contribute. We don’t have fixed sponsorship amounts, and will accept any donation amount. Most importantly, we welcome tools donations (plugin & theme licenses, hosting, domain name purchase, tees and branded items), please email us if you would like to support our event.

All sponsors will receive:

  • Company logo on the site
  • Company description on the site
  • Link to company website from the site
  • Logo on a slide projected during the event
  • Tweets and/or posts to Facebook about your company
  • Thanks in pre- and post-event emails
  • Thank you in opening or closing remarks

Find out more general information about do_action hackathons at the page and video here or contact the team on if you have any questions.