India 2020

15 August 2020 at Online

WordPress India is a diverse community spread across India, with different languages, different cuisines, different cultures; all united through the Open Source vision of WordPress. There have been a number of successful do_action local events in cities across India, but this is 2020 and almost all in-person events are on hold. The inability to meet in person doesn’t dampen the altruistic zeal of the community, so we have organized a virtual do_action hackathon at national level. “do_action India is an online charity hackathon where WordPress enthusiasts come together to build cool websites for non-profits as a gesture of gratitude for the wonderful work they do in service of the society.” Keep visiting for updates.

do_action India will be a week-long event, held from August 15th to August 23rd. 

The event will be held online, and all the event coordination will happen on the WP India Slack group. 

The Protagonists of the do_action Charity Hackathon

The non-profits / Charity Organizations

The first protagonist of the do_action hackathons. The whole hackathon is built for them. They are the cool people who do the real work that impacts the society, they go out and make the change happen in the society. They serve people, they lobby, they protect and save animals, they clean the environment, they protect and plant trees/saplings, they go out and help people in disaster scenarios and other time. They do everything we are used to seeing super-heroes do. They are the people who go beyond their own life and change something in the society.

At do_action charity hackathons, we build cool, functional WordPress websites for these amazing organizations for free as a token of our appreciation for their hard work.

If you know any non-profit/charity organization that needs a website for their organization or a project or an event, connect them to do_action in your area.

The call for non-profits to be part of the do_action india 2020 is open, we’re closing the applications at 11:59 pm on the Wednesday, July 29th, 2020. The call for non-profits for do_action India 2020 has closed, and we have finalized the NGOs for do_action India. 

The Organizers

This is the next protagonist in the do_action. They do the action to make the hackathon happen. They are the community people with heart who put in time and effort to contact the non-profits, select the deserving non-profits from the applications, get the participants, contact the sponsors, and make sure the non-profits get lovely websites they deserve. We have received a good response to the “call for organizers” for do_action India 2020 online charity hackathon.    


The next protagonist in the do_action who enable the hackathon. They are usually the organizations and/or individuals who wish to give back to the society in kind. They sponsor the do_action hackathons in various ways.

At do_action India 2020 Online Charity Hackathon, we are looking for organizations/individuals with heart to sponsor following things:

  • Hosting and Domain names for the websites developed at the do_action hackathon
  • Themes that can be used for the websites
  • Plugins that will be needed for the websites

The Sponsors get an opportunity to help non-profits to have their own website and in addition they get:

  • Mention on the social media of the do_action thanking them publicly.
  • Mention at the event.
  • Logo and link on the event page
  • At do_action India 2020, we’ll add the Sponsors’ logos and links on this blog as well.

Thank you very much for the response to the ‘Call for Sponsors’, we can feel the love you wish to share with the good people who are doing good for the world.

We have closed the call for sponsors.  We will be announcing our amazing sponsors soon.

The Participants

The last protagonist in the do_action.

They are the WordPress experts in their own area (content writer, designer, tester, developer, team leader, Social Media expert, content manager, other important roles which we missed here)

These participants are the one more group of cool people who will offer their time and effort to build beautiful, functional websites for the non-profits / charity organizations.

We need participants for these roles:

  • Team leader
  • Content Manager
  • Designer
  • Developers (2)
  • Front-end Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance Tester
  • Social Media Manager

Once the non-profits / charities are selected, the call for participants will be open for each of the non-profit/charity. If you wish to participate, but find that your roles are taken for all the projects, drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you.